ScribeSifter is a way of automatically managing infinite volumes of transcriber applicants.

As your transcription company grows, you will begin to receive large numbers of applications from would-be transcribers. The problem is that the overwhelming majority of transcription applicants are of a low standard, and a great deal of your time will be wasted reading their applications and marking their tests.

ScribeSifter solves this problem for you. It enables you to configure your own online transcription test (with our help if necessary), and automatically filters out those whose applications will not meet your standards. You only see those applications you want to see, and that will normally be a small fraction of those who apply.

If more than 5% of applicants pass your tests, those tests are probably too easy, and you should raise your pass mark, otherwise you risk employing under-qualified staff and ultimately losing clients due to shoddy work. This is a very common mistake among transcription companies.

Because ScribeSifter makes applicant testing so easy, you can advertise for transcribers far and wide, and bring in as many applicants as possible. As you find more and more good transcribers, you can raise your company’s work standards and reduce the amount of time you spend proof-reading.

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